HAPPY MOMENT – Coconut low-carb wheels

Have you tried our novelty, coconut wheels HAPPY MOMENT? They may lack in sugar content but we made sure they don´t lack in taste!

HAPPY MOMENT wheels are made from coconut, fruit, and chicory fibre. Chicory syrup (fibre) is made from chicory root and it is used as a sweetener. Its colour and viscosity may resemble honey however, its sugar content is much lower. In comparison to classic sugar or other sweeteners, the chicory syrup is known for being low in calories. Its consumption increases the feeling of being full and therefore, is liked by people who watch their weight. Chicory fibre is also beneficial for digestion. HAPPY MOMENT don´t contain gluten or lactose and are suitable for vegans.


  • low in sugar content, high in fibre
  • gluten- and lactose-free
  • suitable for vegans


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