Treat yourself to pleasure in the form of our crunchy chocolate bar. Enjoy the unique combination of delicious dark chocolate and buckwheat wafers in every bite. Even snacking can be healthier!

Do you crave chocolate, but also would like to have something crunchy? In that case the HAPPYLIFE CHOCO BAR is the right choice for you! This excellent bar is produced manually only from the highest quality organic ingredients. It contains delicious cocoa flavour blended with pieces of delicate buckwheat wafers. The bars do not contain soy nor will you find any artificial colourants, added preservatives or artificial additives. They are gluten-free as well as lactose-free and GMO-free. These bars are sweetened only with natural organic agave syrup.
The HAPPYLIFE CHOCO BAR is the right delicacy for people of all ages who have a sweet tooth.


  • naturally gluten-free
  • lactose-free
  • handmade
  • do not contain soy
  • no colourants and preservatives
  • without added sugar, sweetened only with natural organic agave syrup
  • suitable for vegans


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