Are you bored by classic RAW bars? Would you like to try something new while not being afraid of more daring combinations of flavours? Then go ahead and try one of our exceptional bars from FIT BAR range.

We offer four unusual flavours which won´t just bring joy to your taste buds, but ingredients from which they were prepared have positive effect on human body.

DETOX – Carrot is known for being beneficial to our eye sight. This is thanks to its content of beta carotene which is being transformed to Vitamin A in liver and then again to rhodopsin (pigment which allows night vision) in retina. While in liver, Vitamin A also helps to eliminate toxins from our body. Same as carrot, beetroot is also rich source of fibre and is being known for its detoxifying effects.

GREEN – Green barley is gaining more and more popularity among superfoods. Its young sprouts are rich source of Vitamin C and vitamins B, iron, beta carotene and chlorophyll. A little bit more exotic representative of superfoods is spirulina. This sea weed is popular especially due to its protein and amino acids content.

VITALITY – Apricot as well as hemp have beneficial effects on skin and digestion. But especially hemp helps to keep blood pressure on optimal level and heart in healthy condition.

ENERGY – Guarana helps increasing energy which is also why it´s being often used as an ingredient in energy drinks and dietary supplements for sportsmen. Topinambour contains lot of vitamins (vitamins A, B, C and K) and other substances such as iron, phosphor or zinc. It also benefits digestion processes.


  • Made of naturally gluten free ingredients
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Without colourants and preservatives
  • Sugar free
  • Suitable for vegans


DETOX (beetroot and carrot), GREEN (green barley and spirulina), VITALITY (apricot and hemp protein), ENERGY (topinambour and guarana)