Did you miss breakfast? Are you planning to work out or going on a hike? Do you need stamina and quick energy boost or just something to snack on? Take our advice and try our no bake Organic oat bars! They are healthy and full of taste, containing gluten free oat flakes mixed with delicious fruit and nutritious nuts. They are sweetened with organic rice syrup.

Oat is great for general strengthening of organism as well as effectively lowering the cholesterol. Oat flakes contain lots of protein, minerals, vitamins of the B group, iron, phosphor and lecithin. They help protecting the colon and support digestion thanks to their high content of different kinds of fibre. In addition to these benefits our bars are made of gluten free oat flakes which means they are suitable for people with gluten free diet. And of course, they taste great in all four offered flavours.


  • Made of gluten free oat flakes
  • Oat is rich in fibre, contains valuable protein, minerals and vitamins
  • No bake, prepared according to special recipe
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Without colourants and preservatives
  • Sugar free, sweetened only with organic rice syrup
  • Suitable for vegans


plum and walnut, coconut and sour cherry, banana and almond