Happylife flakes and muesli are nutritious food perfect for a healthy breakfast and are a great start to your day as well as a delicious snack. They are a rich source of fibre, supply the body with energy, the necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

For those who can’t imagine their lives without nourishing organic flakes, we have prepared two variants with different compositions. The first variant are 4-grain flakes with the same proportion of organic wheat, organic rice, organic barley and organic oatmeal. The second variant are 5-grain flakes which are enriched with organic spelt flakes. Those who love it sweater can enjoy muesli – crunchy cereals with chocolate chips. It is a combination of oat, spelt, corn flakes, flax and sunflower seeds, roasted buckwheat and einkorn flakes. A unique flavour is given by the added chocolate sweetened with RAW cane sugar.


  • High-quality blend of ORGANIC ingredients
  • Excellent source of fibre


4-grain flakes, 5-grain flakes and chocolate muesli