Organic rice syrup is a natural sweetener made from “environmentally friendly” grown rice treated without preservatives and chemical sprays. It is used as a healthy substitute for sugar in both hot and cold food.

Due to its composition and lower glycaemic index it doesn’t burden the pancreas. Compared to ordinary sugar it sweetens without causing gastric acidity (pH is higher), and even contributes to the acidification of the body (acting as an alkaline). At the same time it doesn’t cause depletion of some of the important minerals in the human body unlike the commonly used refined sugar. The advantage of rice syrup is zero fructose content. Excessive intake of fructose is associated with many diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, vaginal mycosis and many others. 100 g of rice syrup contains about 45 g maltose, 29 g glucose and 22 g polysaccharides.


  • It acts as an alkaline and doesn’t burden the pancreas
  • Zero fructose content


Agave syrup is a natural unrefined sweetener (which is a big plus) which contains a high proportion of fructose and very small amount of ordinary sugar – sucrose.

The syrup is produced by evaporation at 45 degrees, at this temperature the enzymes and vitamins contained in agave aren’t damaged. Because of its high sweetness just add it to beverages or food in small quantities. Compared with sugar, agave syrup contains only half the calories. Thanks to a low glycaemic index it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels as quickly as sugar. It has a high fructose content, is easily digestible, it helps gallbladder activity, metabolism of fats and has a preventive effect for the clogging of arteries due to cholesterol.


  • Low glycaemic index
  • Half the calories compared to sugar
  • High sweetening