HAPPYLIFE COLLAGEN BARS – Coconut bars with added collagen

Great taste and functionality? Look no further, our COLLAGEN BARS are here. Try them and you will understand why they are more than just a sweet treat!

Our COLLAGEN BARS are a combination of delicious coconut taste, freshness of fruit and benefits of collagen. Every bar contains 5600mg of premium bovine collagen PEPTAN B®. Just two bars equal the recommended daily dose of collagen.
Collagen has been recently gaining popularity due to its benefits for beauty and health. It has positive effects on hair, nails, elasticity of skin and is also good for bones and joints.
The bars are naturally gluten-free and lactose-free. They do not contain added sugar, colourants or preservatives.


  • 5600mg of collagen in one bar
  • Without gluten and lactose
  • No added sugar, colourants or preservatives


blueberry, strawberry



150g bag, 300g bag