About us

We are a Slovak producer of non-traditional products with traditional flavours – we produce unique products of the highest quality natural organic ingredients. We are also a distributor of a broad portfolio of health food products in Slovakia.

Our goal is to prepare goodies from clean sources that everyone can eat – without gluten, lactose, added sugar, allergens and preservatives, and also to create recipes so that a harmony of flavours and benefits for the body are in balance. Creating new organic products has captivated us so much that strict quality controls of input raw materials and the whole production process have become commonplace for us. We started to respect nature and its unwritten rules even more. Organic production has taught us to honour the wisdom of our ancestors and traditions more as we believe this is the only way we can create products for a truly happier life.

The history of the Happylife brand started to be written in 2009. Thousands of great organic products with beneficial health effects have been developed thanks to our hard work, fair practices and many years of experience.