The first Slovak RAW bars produced in organic quality that fills you with energy, vitamins and valuable fibre. In the first year of the RAW FOOD & LIFE FEST in Bratislava they were given the award for best product.

Nutrition bars are designed according to the principles of tradition that supports the idea that people should eat crops that grow in their surroundings as it’s them that fully support the energy balance of the bodies. They are made from carefully dried fruits and nuts and are free from gluten, lactose and soy. They contain no added sugar, only the natural fruit sugars, no dyes, preservatives or artificial additives. They are handy as a quick energy snack which are now made from a new, improved recipe with finer grinding for a juicier and tastier flavour experience and in the new, exclusive packaging and design. There is a choice of two product lines.


  • Made with nutritious fruits, nuts and seeds of organic quality
  • 100% RAW – processed cold thanks to which all nutritional values and natural resources are preserved
  • Naturally gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free
  • Sugar free – contains only natural sugars from fruits
  • Perfect travel companion as well as tasty and nutritious snack for children and adults

Fruit bars with the following flavours

chia seeds, plum, pear, apple, sea buckthorn, currant, almond & cocoa nibs, brazil nuts & guarana, coconut & goji